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Customer Service

Douglas Auto Body, Inc. knows that YOU, the customer, is our best and most valuable resource. We do everything possible to cater to your needs, not your insurance company. We handle all repairs to you car knowing that it was, and is one of your biggest investments and one of the most critical tools for the next five to ten years of you and your family’s life.  We will be glad to answer and explain any questions you may have about the vehicles’ repair and work with your insurance to get your vehicle back in to it’s condition before the accident A.S.A.P! 


4015 Eberly Avenue
Brookfield Illinois 60513
Phone: 708.485.7774




"I feel very comfortable taking my cars to Douglas Auto Body and have explicit confidence in their work. They do excellent work and I trust the owner."

Linda, Indian Head Park
2008 Honda Civic


"They’re the best! Outstanding company – top quality – they care."

David, La Grange
2005 Chrysler 300




Helpful Tips

Low Tire?

Tire pressure is very important to your safety. Improper tire pressure will cause your tires to wear out faster and could cause your car to handle differently than it should. Vehicles are now equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system which illuminates a warning light on your dash when one or more of your tires lack air. When this happens ... [read more]

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